My son has attended Genius League Right Brain Program for about 3 months since he was 18 months. Even though it is for a short period of time, I could see the impact of the program in him. He learns faster now. I find that he can grasp concepts much more easily now. He has also shown improvement in his memory and that amazes me. For instance, he could easily remember all the alphabets A to Z when before the program he couldn’t. Initially when he started the program, he could not sit still for long. Interestingly, after 3 months, he impresses me by sitting much longer in class. When he first started, he was very lost, not focused and not engaged. But now, within just 3 months, I can see he is more engaged in the lesson and understands what he needs to do. I am very thankful to Genius League Right Brain Program for this positive development I see in my son. Thank you to Teacher A for your passion and guidance! I recommend Genius League to anyone who wants to see your child develop better focus, learn faster and enjoy the process of learning from young!

Lim, Mummy of Joel

It was by chance that I came to know about Right Brain training course conducted at Genius League. And I thought to give the trial class a go and see if my eldest son, Cayden will like it. To our surprise, he managed to sit through the whole trial class of 70mins with some initial whining (to leave the class) which Teacher J managed to make it disappear with lots of interesting activities during the class! Subsequently we registered him for the program as he really enjoyed it and told us that he wanted to come again. The parents-accompanied part makes it less scary and more bonding between the parent and the kids which I totally loved it! Cayden has been attending Teacher J’s class since Apr 2017 till now. And we have noticed there’s more focus during class, his memory improved, learning absorption also increased and most importantly he is able to recite finish a poem in front of the class (despite being very soft!)! This, is something I’m very proud of and I’m looking forward to him being able to stand more confidently and speak without any fear! Definitely would recommend this program to all my friends!

Katherine, Mummy of Cayden

My daughter Mikayla Elise enrolled in your Novena branch. She’s in her 4th week now and as parents we cant be any happier and prouder to see the great progress our child had in just a short span of time. She’s very excited to go to school and even knew where the school is after we cross the street from Novena Square, that perfectly shows her great memory in remembering things and places as well. She also learned how to clean up or tidy up her toys after playing with them in just 2 sessions, every time we told her to clean up she would pick up the toys and place it in the boxes.

Overall I think my daughter is in a really good place for her to develop her brain. Thank you so much Genius League!

Michelle, Mummy of Mikayla

My daughter, Emmy, looks forward to coming to class every week (it’s one of the highlights of her week!). She has improved significantly in memory power and focus, especially when working with numbers. She is already a socially confident child, but I find this program helps bolster her cognitive confidence because she gets to see her own improvement, which I think is so important for her development. I really love that she incorporates what she’s been learning in class into her everyday experiences–I’m so proud of her application skills! Her ability to remember poems and recite them in class really astounds me and is a testament to the truly incredible capacity and potential children inherently possess to learn. I’m learning a lot more about Emmy’s learning styles and what encourages/discourages her to want to learn. Thank you, Genius League, for helping me to improve my coaching/teaching skills, as well! Finally, I’d like to highlight how appreciative I am of the bonding and quality time the program builds into its program– reminding child and parent/caretaker to hug, kiss, say “I love you,” and express positive affirmations towards the child’s character and abilities.

Priscilla, Mummy of Emmy

Yvette knows a lot more words now. She enjoys the activities such as the memory games in the Superheroes Right Brain Program and participates well in class. She can count 1 to 10 on her own. I am happy to see her progress.

Mummy of Yvette Tay

We are happy that Grace Leong has joined Genius League 3 months ago. She has shown marked tremendous improvement in her memory & her engagement in activities. She’s able to recite her poems within 1-2 days and she can do simple counting at 1 glance. She can remember around 8 cards at a go. She’s able to grasp understanding at a faster pace. She also enjoys doing her superhero work and would often ask us to sit down with her to complete his homework at night.

Mummy of Grace Leong

My daughter Adonia Chan, loves her classes every Saturday. She was a shy and quiet kid but we noticed that she improved after being with Genius league during the 3rd lesson. She became more sociable and most importantly she enjoys being in the class. She has shown drastic improvement and i have also encouraged parents of the same that they will see the same improvements too.

Adeline, Mummy of Adonia

Seth has been showing improvement and progress week after week. His memory has also shown remarkable improvement that sometimes he even surprises me

Lorraine, Mummy of Seth

Fion enjoys coming for class. She definitely has shown improvement.  She is now more focused and can sit through the class. She is also more expressive and more vocal now after attending the program. Her memory has improved too! We are happy with the programme. 😊

Andy, Daddy of Fion

Isabelle has shown dramatic improvement and could participate in the activities actively within just one month. When she first started, there were many things that she cannot do. Now, she is able to focus throughout the 70 mins lesson and understand the concept of activities like the memory game on her own. Her memory capability has expanded so well. We are very proud of her improvements.

Mummy of Isabelle

My 12 months daughter is able to memorize flash cards well and she is always focused in class. Teacher does lots of fun activities to do for her.

Syaf Ayu, Mummy of Marissa

Have seen improvement in my daughter Rui Wen’s language and memory skills after attending lessons. She is able to pick up and remember details after being exposed to it a few times. Her teacher encourages positively in lessons and allows for active participation.
Can see her improvement in ability to follow instructions especially for cleaning up after playtime.


Joyce, Mummy of Rui Wen

Wynn has joined Genius League for a year and he enjoys every bit of the lessons! His memory abilities has improved tremendously and he has built up confidence in presenting poetry every month. He loves the monthly themes exposed that will never be covered during school curriculum and I also enjoyed the bonding with him every week in class!

Lii Yunn, Mummy of Wynn

Genius League classes is fun and engaging. The lessons covers a wide range of topics which allows good exposure for my Son, more than what I could provide at home. On top of the flash card reading, there are also a mini test which proves to me that my boy really understands. Hudson keep mentioning Teacher A at home, he must have enjoyed the class.

Candice, Mummy of Hudson

Naylaa enjoys coming for class. She has shown great improvement. Now at 2 yrs 2 months, she can already recognize all numbers and colours well. She is also good in the memory games! I am surprised that she also enjoys the Mandarin segment and even remembers the song. In fact, she even hums to the tune.

Nurfarahani, Mummy of Naylaa

My daughter has joined GL 3 mths ago. She has marked tremendous improvement in her memory & her engagement in activities. She’s able to recite her poems within 1-2 days and she can do simple counting at 1 glance. She can remember around 8 cards at a go. She’s able to gasp understanding at a faster pace. She also enjoys doing her superhero work and would often ask us to sit down with her to complete her homework at night. We are really very happy with the positive & motivating result!


Nyla has shown great improvement in her memory skills in less than 1 term of her superheroes lessons! She enjoys coming to class every week too!

Mohd Farid, Daddy of Nyla

At only 17 months, my son can already do the story memory activities as well as some other memory games. When he first joined us, he was very active and does not want to sit down. Even up till now, he is very different in class and at home. In class, amazingly he can sit join and engage himself in the activities, but not at home, even though he learns faster now at home. His focus has definitely improved, as well as his love for learning, and memory abilities. I am very pleased with his progress.

Daddy of Keshav

My boy looks forward to the class every week. The teacher is very energetic and she engages with children well. I noticed my boy is more confident is presenting his poem to the class. I’m looking forward for more improvement!

Caris Ng

Genius League has helped my child’s learning journey tremendously. In particular, I’m very impressed by his improved photographic memory. I’m often surprised by his ability to memorise things in details. He also enjoys his class a lot as there are many different topics and fun activities covered on each class. I also appreciate that the teachers are quite flexible and open to feedback. That way the class can be more beneficial for the child in areas that still have room for improvement.

Chit Wei

Rohan has shown dramatic improvement within a short span of 2 months! He is great in numeric and colour memory games and is fantastic with songs too!

Nishanei, Mummy of Rohan

My teacher said that I have shown tremendous improvements in so many areas. At the start, I cannot sit still and  participate in class. However now I am one of the top student. I just won a Gold Trophy from Genius League for being the first in poem recital for my age group! I am very good in my memory now and I make my mummy and teacher very proud. I love Genius League!


My teacher is proud of me. I won a Silver Trophy recently from Genius League for being the second best in Superheroes Poem Recital Competition. It was a long poem but I did it! I enjoy participating in the fun activities in class. I love coming to Genius League!


I always believed in right brain training but just wanted to find the right school and I did with genius league. Thank you for nurturing my little son- Kayen’s natural curiosity and helping him to develop longer attention span in class and being able to take and follow instructions.

He enjoys his weekly super hero training as much as I enjoy taking him there for lessons.

Victoria, Mummy of Kayen

At the start of the programme, my daughter cannot concentrate and sit still or participate in class. Now, after 1 term, she has shown marked improvement. She can participate in the activities and her focus has definitely improved. She can even follow the rhymes of songs and hum to the tune of the music when the teacher sings. I am pleased with her improvements.

Harine, Daddy of Anokhi