6 months to 6 years!




In our SUPERHEROES PlaySchool™ programme, we provide rich, stimulating and nurturing environment for your young heroes to explore, play and learn. Specially designed developmentally appropriate activities are catered to the young heroes to facilitate them in whole brain development. Research has proven that by the time a child reaches 3 years old, the child’s brain is about 80% of an adult’s size. This means that the most critical growth period of the brain occurs in the first 3 to 4 years of life


SUPERHEROES PlaySchool provides quality, early learning platform to facilitate your child in his/her whole brain development through multi-dimensional approaches. The first unique feature of the programme is that it helps to develop the 5Qs of each child, namely: IQ (Intelligence Quotient) EQ (Emotional Quotient) CQ (Creativity Quotient) MQ (Moral Quotient) AQ (Adversity Quotient).

Another unique feature in the programme is the specially designed SUPERHEROES Values Curriculum. At Genius League, we believe that all heroes begin with a strong foundation of Character Education. SUPERHEROES is an acronym of the following values. Each month, we focus on one value, which is integrated through activities such as storytelling, speech and drama, role plays and more.

S       Service

U       Understanding

P       Perseverance

E       Empathy

R       Resilience

H       Helpful

E       Enthusiasm

R       Responsibility

O       Obedience

E       Excellence

S       Selflessness

Developing the apparatus of the body, mind and soul to develop your child holistically so that they can best realise their true potential.


Core Superheroes Curriculum features:

Right-Brain Training: Flashcards/ Memory Trainings/ Speed Reading & more

Neurogym SuperBrain

Phonics – Unique Brain based Phonics Curriculum

SuperBrain Maths – Unique Brain based Mathematics Curriculum

Glenn Doman inspired activities

Creative Speech and Drama

Exposure to different languages 

Sensorial and thematic stimulations,

Stimulation of 5 senses

Music, Dance & Movements

Award Winning ZooPhonics

Specially designed reading programme

Songs & Rhymes


Fine Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills

Thinking Skills & IQ Games

Science Explorations & Experiments

Cookery Outdoor Play

Puppetry Art & Craft

Small Teacher-student ratio (1 teacher : 4 to 6 students only)

With an emphasis on LOVE FOR LEARNING, your child in Genius League will develop a love for learning and build the necessary foundation for their success in life!


Pre-writing Skills

Art & Craft

Specially designed SuperBrain Maths curriculum

Small Teacher-Student Ratio

Gifted Memory

Creative Speech & Drama

Right Brain Development

Fine Motor Skills

Science Explorations & Experiments

Gifted IQ

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