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Now you might wonder, what is Superheroes Brain Training™?

Who is Genius League and what is Superheroes Right Brain Training™

We are a Neuroscience based Centre that offers whole-brain development for your child (i.e. training both left and right hemisphere of the brain and inculcation EQ, CQ and SQ). Our Superheroes Right-Brain Training Centre™ is a Right-Brain Training Centre which trains the right hemisphere of your child’s brain. This is so as to improve communication between both the left and the right side of the brain. We train children from as young as 8 months old to 6 years old to truly utilise their entire brain’s potential.

What is Right-Brain Training?

Right-Brain Training is a teaching method that trains children, from as young as newborn, to utilise their initially dominant right hemisphere of the brain. In addition, the left side of the brained is also trained through IQ, Mathematics, Linguistic & Science activities. Through this, the communication and connection of the entire brain of a child(i.e. between the Right and Left side of the brain) is enhanced. Hence, children who are given the opportunity to go for a Right-Brain training class, will not be limited to only depending mainly on the left side of their brain in the future and will use their whole brain to think.

Why must we train our right-brain?

As we grow older, we increasingly become more left-brain oriented. While this might not seem dire, a left dominant brain will inevitably limit your child’s learning potential. Whereas, holistic or whole brain development will unleash their greatest potential. With Right-Brain Training, learning becomes much easier as they learn at higher speed, capturing information through photographic memory by using their right-brain. They will also be critical thinkers as both sides of the brain is integrated. Thus, learning becomes much more enjoyable, less pressurising and stressful. This is important to prepare your child for the increasingly challenging education in Singapore.

Do you know that brain development occurs most critically from the age of 0 to 6. It will slow down drastically thereafter!

Why Genius League?

More value for your money!

Aims to nurture your hero, not just in terms of their IQ but also their EQ & MQ (Moral Quotient) through our emphasis on the monthly Superheroes Value

A lot of Hands-on Activities

We aim to truly empower your child with strategic Right-Brain Training techniques

Enjoyable Lessons

Additionally, our lessons includes developing your child's sensory motor skills, fine & gross motor skill. Truly activating the whole brain power!

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