Frequently Asked Questions
What is SuperBrain Activation?
SuperBrain Activation employs the use of scientifically formulated technology to awaken the middle brain (mesencephalon). When awakened, the connection between the left and the right brain is better developed. Therefore, it forges brain balance and allows the left and the right brain to be in equilibrium.
Can my child attend the workshop?
This workshop is for children between the ages of 5 to 15 years. Regardless of your child’s academic level or achievement, this workshop will enhance and improve your child’s abilities further.
If my child is already talented, will the programme still be useful?
Scientific research has proven that even a person as intelligent as Albert Einstein does not use more than 10% of his or her brain. Superbrain Activation Program has the potential to transform children with average intelligence into highly intelligent individuals, and capable children into outstanding kids. The workshop aims not only at improving the IQ of children, but also their EQ. It also helps a child achieve emotional balance.
Are there any medical side-effects to this Course?
None whatsoever. After the Course, the right brain (responsible for long-term memory) and other parts of the brain would have improved. There are only advantages, no disadvantages.
Is it true that some blindfolded students can easily see through the gap near their nose?
In our programme, we always remind students that if they peek, they will lose their new abilities or power. Therefore, the students know it is not about competition, but rather about training their own inherent abilities. We will add another layer of tissue under the blindfold of all students to plug any gap. Additionally, students are also told to close their eyes in the practice sessions, to better utilize their brain wave signals.
What is the role of parents after the workshop?
Parents are advised to guide and encourage their children to practice 5 to 10 minutes a day for at least 30 days. It’s just like riding a bicycle; the children’s skill is not stable yet after the workshop. Continuous practice for 30days will stabilize the skill, and after that, it will be second nature, just like riding a bicycle.
Why don't I just send my child to more tuition classes?
It’s a matter of content and skills. Tuition classes assist in the child’s various subjects content-wise. However, this workshop is teaching a skill. The child will acquire useful, effective skills that aid the content-absorbing process. The two aspects, content and skills, tie in together.
Who are the trainers?
Our Master Trainers have been experienced in this field for many years. Their backgrounds include early childhood education, leadership in renowned schools, trainers in self-improvement programmes, motivational programmes and more. They have conducted many workshops all over Malaysia as well as Singapore. They are supported by a team of facilitators for every workshop.
Is it a Money Back Guarantee?
If your child could not sense any colours blindfolded, he/she is entitled to attend the next workshop free-of-charge.
What is the class size?
We only hold small classes, with a ratio of one trainer per 5 students. This ensures that necessary individual attention is not compromised.