Frequently Asked Questions
What is Superheroes Brain Training Programme?
It is a programme that harnesses the power of both the left and the right brain of the child, to promote brain synergy.

Right brain enables the child to learn subconsciously and processing large chunks of information at high speed, whereas left brain can only process small amounts of information at low speed.

80% of brain development takes place from birth till 3 years old. The child’s right brain is also naturally active at this period between 0 to 3 years old. By training the brain in the most critical time of brain development, brain balance can be achieved easily.

90% of brain development will be achieved by 6 years old. From 4 to 6 years old, the child’s brain would undergo a transition to become more left brain oriented. Thus, before the brain becomes predominantly left brain, it is critical to harness the power of the brain.

Why is it important to train the brain early?
If the brain is left untrained in the most critical period of brain development, the high speed learning ability of your child would decrease and your child’s natural and inherent right brain abilities would start to become dormant.
My child is too young. How can the programme help my child?
An infant may not be able to display her learning abilities at that age, but your child’s brain is growing at a rapid lightning speed during this time. The connections of the neurons and brain cells are taking place at an accelerated speed. By laying a proper brain foundation and a balanced brain architecture for your child, you will find that your child will be able to absorb and process information easily, not just academically but in multiple areas of your child’s life, such as in music and in sports.
How is the fee structure?
One term is for 12 weeks. There is a registration fee and material fees which will be discounted for those who sign up after trial.

There is also the 12 months option, with monthly installment program. Refundable deposit applies. Further details can be obtained when you visit the centre or by calling the centre at 6258 1801.

What is the mode of payment?
We accept cash, cheque, credit card and NETS payment.
Is there any make-up lesson?
We provide one replacement lesson per term, which can be utilized for MC/ other valid reason. To arrange a replacement, please e-mail us at least one day in advance, to geniusleagueacademy@gmail.com. Replacement lesson is to be carried out within the term period, and not be brought over to the next term or be used as term extension.
If my child wants to discontinue, what should I do?
An email to request for discontinuation is required. Discontinuation requires one month notice from last date of term (as stated in receipt, does not include extensions for PH, etc) in order for the refundable deposit to be returned back to you. For example, if the students’ last day of the term is on 30th April, the written notice has to be given to us latest by 30th March.